How To Roll a Joint

Marijuana’s reputation has changed drastically over the past few decades, and so has the stigma of rolling a joint. From “the devil’s lettuce” to one of the most important cultural icons in our society, weed has cemented itself as one of the main staples of modern social interaction. A large part of that interaction is done through rolling joints. Creating your own flowery confection to share with others is an art form that many new tokers are afraid to master. However, with a few easy steps, you’ll be rockin’ and rolling joints left and right!  

  1. Grind the flower  
    To evenly separate the cannabis for easier consumption, use a grinder to create a consistent size and texture. Don’t have a grinder? Your fingers can be just as effective by picking the seeds and stems out of the flower, but be sure to make the flower pieces as small as it would be with a grinder.
  2. Create a crutch
    Also known as filters or tips, clutches help make the joint easier to hold by supporting the mouthpiece and reduce the risk of burning yourself when taking a hit. To make one, use a thick piece of paper (cardstock, business cards, etc.) and rip it into a rectangular strip around ½ inch wide. Fold the rectangle into an accordion shape and wrap the rest of the paper around the accordion.
  3. Load er’ up!
    Have the rolling paper’s adhesive side facing away from you and place the clutch where you want the mouthpiece to be. Then, evenly sprinkle the grinded up flower in line with the clutch. Be sure to not overstuff it.
  4. Rock n’ Roll that joint!
    With the adhesive side of the paper away from you, use your thumbs and index fingers to fold the rolling paper into a cylinder, evenly distributing the marijuana. Be sure not to make your cylinder too tight or too loose.

    Slowly roll the non-adhesive side towards the adhesive side while simultaneously preventing any of the flower from falling out. Start wetting the adhesive from the clutch all the way up the joint. Finally, twist the open end of the paper to seal the deal. Now you know how to roll a joint!

Pot, grass, kush, kaya, whatever you may call it, rolling a joint is easier than it seems. Still unsure? Stop by our store in Portland, Maine to say “high” and select from our large variety of pre-rolled joints instead. We’ve got something for everyone!  






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